Sausage man unique battle royale

Sausage Man, a unique battle royale game with a cute sausage man character. Suitable for all circles, you can play Sausage Man via smartphones (Android & iOS).

Games with the battle royale genre are still in great demand today. Some games such as PUBG Mobile to Free Fire have millions of players around the world.

But this does not become a barrier for this newcomer, quite unique battle royale game. Titled Sausage Man, this battle royale game features a cute, cute and adorable sausage human character.

Friendly enough for all circles, children to adults can play this one game. Yes, because the graphics, characters and things in the world of Sausage Man are cartoon-themed like the game Fortnite.

Like most battle royale games, you will be the Sausage Man or sausage man before jumping into battle. 100 Players will battle on sausage island to battle with other players.

You can play solo (alone) or party (mabar) with friends to make it more exciting. You can also find various kinds of weapons complete with attachments, such as scopes, muzzles and so on.

Make your character look even cooler. There are 50 sets of outfits that you can get to make your sausage character look cute and cool.


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