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 Marie Forleo once said that the future of business lies in businesses that are able to connect with people. Not the other way around. Marie Forleo's statement is fully agreed by Indonesian android application developers. By bringing all the goodness of android applications, the future of this business is very possible in this country.

Today, all businesses in the world are transforming and preparing themselves to enter the digital world. Physical advertisements such as giving out brochures or leaflets on the streets are starting to be abandoned. Instead, mobile applications are seen as more suited to the times.

The mobile application does have many advantages compared to the leaflet. With a mobile application, you will be more attached to your customers. Your products will always be at hand, even at their fingertips. With a few touches, your customers will easily connect with you.

With all these advantages, it is not surprising that mobile applications are becoming a new idol among business people. Indonesian android application makers are increasingly being sought to develop various other mobile applications. Not a few mobile applications by the nation's children have been milling about on the Play Store and used by millions of users out there.

If you think that mobile applications are only used by big companies and are used for online stores only, you are most likely wrong. There are various types of applications created by android application developers in Indonesia and circulating in the Play Store. Because its usability is very flexible, you can also pour your ideas and ideas into an android application.

Of the many application development service companies both Android and IOS in Indonesia, we are one of the mobile application developers.

We are a website development company as well as a mobile application development service agency based in Yogyakarta. Our experience in the world of mobile applications is unquestionable. We have created many mobile applications that not only have a modern design, but also work well.

If you need an android application development service that also integrates it with your website, we can be the right choice for you. Not all Indonesian android application makers have the expertise to integrate their mobile applications with websites. Some developers even only provide mobile applications that are standard and difficult to customize or design according to the uniqueness and characteristics of your company.

As an android application development service company in Indonesia that already has a name, we are very open to your fresh and innovative ideas that will be realized in a mobile application. There have been many innovative ideas that have been realized in a mobile application with the android and iOS platforms which have then helped a lot to ease our daily lives.

In addition to mobile applications developed for the wider community, we have also created android applications aimed at a certain group or community. An example of such an application is SEMAR. SEMAR is the attendance system for state apparatus or civil servants used by BKPPD Kab. Magelang.

This system helps to facilitate the attendance system of civil servants serving in the District. Magelang. Through this application, employees are also facilitated in taking care of sudden leave or permits. Furthermore, this application has a tracking feature that can track the whereabouts of the employee concerned.

Of course, we cannot discuss mobile application products here one by one. Find more of our mobile app products and their unique features on our case study page. Trust us with your idea and you will get an Indonesian android application development service that takes you into the future of a business that is more connected to people.

We are the right partner who can understand your needs in terms of application development such as website, ecommerce, wordpress and plugin development.

Supported by fast support services, expert and professional developers. Undoubtedly, by choosing the right partner, you will save a lot of money, time and effort for your website.

We can also help with your WordPress development, dedicated freelance WordPress developer development, and so on. We are experts for many years. Proven satisfaction of clients who have worked with us.


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